Zehner’s 2019 Year In Review

February 1, 2020

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2019 was an extraordinary year for us at Zehner. We accomplished everything we set out to achieve, and then some. The most gratifying part was seeing the business impact we delivered for our clients. It goes without saying, none of this would be possible without the incredible brands we've had the privilege of working with, the new tech partners we’ve added to our inner circle and our dedicated team.

Some highlights of what we achieved in 2019:

  • Named by Adweek as one of the fastest growing agencies in the world
  • Won Recharge Payment’s 2019 Agency of The Year Award
  • Gained 25+ new clients across industries
  • Launched 35+ commerce experiences and digital products
  • Grew our partner network by 300%
  • Grew our team to 65+ employees
  • Collectively sent over 1 million Slack messages

In 2019, we were challenged with some of the most complex design, technology, and commerce engagements in the industry. We replatformed brands from legacy platforms to Shopify Plus, built seamless user experiences, and elevated the visual design of countless eCommerce sites and digital products. Each Zehner team member experienced new learning opportunities and growth, and as a result, we executed exceptional work for old and new clients alike.

Throughout the year we launched projects for Fiji Water, Haus Laboratories, Planet Blue, BH Cosmetics, Reading Cinemas, Tentree, LA Metro, Only Natural Pet, Soylent, Sun Bum, Dress the Population, Rachel Zoe Box of Style, Tennis.com, and many more.

We did a lot and learned a lot along the way too.

Kellie Bailey Commerce Strategist

"Remembering that there are real people creating each data point helps to humanize your insights and recognize that what works for one group of customers may not work for others."

Lucinda O’Brien Senior Brand Strategist

“Consumers will continue to look for brands that bring more meaning to their lives. As consumers, we’re loyal to brands that align with our values."

We organized and participated in 30+ events with industry leaders, tech partners, and our clients––from our annual Oktoberfest party to co-hosting events with Klarna and Shopify Plus to participating in Klaviyo and Recharge workshops. Our network of tech partners has grown by over 300% and we look to strengthen these relationships even more.

Our growth and success in 2019 was no accident. Our team of creatives, technologists, strategists, and project managers have poured their hearts and minds into collaborating as closely with clients as possible to help them achieve their goals. 

Jason Duarte UX Designer

“Customers' needs are much more complex than we think. Relatable values and enjoyable experiences are equally as important as price in the decision-making process."

Aubrey Taylor Tech Director

“Maximize subscriptions. Subscriptions took 2019 by storm! I think in 2020 brands will need to up their game beyond simple auto-renew and provide customers with advanced features like pause, item swaps, and loyalty programs.”

Our world and the tech landscape are constantly evolving, and the best part is, so are we. As we enter a new decade, bringing over a decade’s worth of experience with us, our goals and shared vision for our clients are bigger than ever. Getting to know you, your business, and your customers is at the heart of what we do. We look forward to the exciting new opportunities that lie ahead in 2020.

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