Zehner’s Service Offering Expands With Strategic Partner Program

June 12, 2018

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Committed to delivering a best-in-class service offering, Zehner continues to drive innovation through collaboration in the eCommerce space. With the launch of our Strategic Partnerships program in 2017, Zehner set out to identify and thoroughly vet technologies and solutions that best align with our clients core business initiatives. Today, we’re pleased to announce the addition of 25 partnerships to our program, across ERP, Personalization, Loyalty, Subscription and other specialized services. By expanding our eCommerce offering, we’re empowering our clients to achieve optimum success.

The eCommerce landscape can often feel saturated with a wide array of tools and technologies to choose from. As the market continues to grow, identifying which pieces are most critical to integrate during a build or implementation, can present a difficult task. Clients need to know if their selections will legitimately improve the user experience, drive operational efficiencies, and
help to achieve their KPIs. This is why we worked diligently to ensure a methodical approach in selecting leading technology and solution providers that solve both unique, and everyday problems for our eCommerce clients.

The partners included in our program provide a multitude of tools and functionality that our clients require to engage their users. Zehner recognizes that needs vary from B2B, B2C, direct to consumer builds, and across verticals. We’re there to support and make thoughtful recommendations whether requirements include platform selection, the implementation of a loyalty program, buttoning up a subscription model, driving user generated content, selecting an ESP, or even suggesting best practices when a client is unsure of their key course of action.

Regardless of scope, our team works hand in hand with clients to guide them through the challenging journey.

In order to provide this level of customer service, Zehner remained very deliberate in its approach to building out the initiative.

Sukh Sidhu Director of Business Development & Alliances at Zehner

We take the time to thoroughly educate our delivery teams. Since they’re so close to projects, we include them at the forefront of vetting and confirming which partners join our program. This way, when they’re in the trenches, they can identify pain points the client may not even be aware of. In turn, recommending useful tools and technologies to solve these problems.

As a premier Shopify Plus and Magento partner, Zehner takes its qualification process one step further to ensure technology partners are formerly approved within both the Shopify Plus and Magento ecosystems. We also look to companies that align with our core competencies and culture, believe in developing symbiotic relationships, and are industry leaders driving the most relevant and useful solutions.

Matthew Zehner Zehner Founder / CEO

This is an exciting time. In expanding our eCommerce offering, we were very strategic in forging relationships with companies we strongly believe in. Aligning the organization with partners that deliver best-in-class platforms, tools and services provides added value to our clients.


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