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Zehner and Outerknown Launch Holiday Shopping Experience

December 18, 2020

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When Outerknown, the sustainable clothing brand founded by Kelly Slater, approached Zehner about creating a unique eCommerce experience for the holiday season, we were immediately on board.  


The project, which called for an app-like experience and archetype-driven shop, was the perfect opportunity for Zehner to leverage our long-standing collaboration with Outerknown to build and deliver a novel gift experience.

Elaine Pham Zehner Associate Director of Experience

“Outerknown focuses heavily on creating experiences around the consumer. It’s always a pleasure to work with Outerknown because they think like us.”

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Outerknown’s vision included a gift guide that would remove the friction of finding on-point gifts for everyone on your list without sacrificing speed. To accomplish this, Zehner developed a landing page where users can shop the look of archetypal customers.

Max Lishansky Head of Marketing at Outerknown

“Creating a gift guide experience that supported our customers’ desire to share sustainable products with their friends and family was important to everyone at Outerknown. Zehner supported this vision every step of the way, and the final product exceeded our expectations.”

Our team created a curated collection of archetypes like “the surfer” to enable a seamless shopping experience. Each archetypal shopping list limited the selected items to their top colors to decrease decision fatigue and inspire users to take action.


The Outerknown Gift Guide includes items for both men and women, with an option to toggle between each gift guide seamlessly. The ability to quickly add things to your cart was essential to the Outerknown team and inspired us to create an app-like scrolling experience. The action sheet ends in a stocking stuffers module that encourages users to add additional items to their cart swiftly.

One of the project’s most significant challenges was making sure there weren’t too many calls to the server. Our engineering team worked to refract code to optimize the site to speed up the action sheet.

Alex Johnson UI Engineer

“It’s always fun to get in a room with Outerknown and solve a problem. The Outerknown Gift Guide inspired us to experiment, expand beyond the standard Shopify structure, and test the stack.”

With a simple and straightforward experience in mind, our team expanded the shopping cart’s functionality and accomplished more in less space. The result is a novel holiday guide that offers a personalized and thoughtful shopping experience.

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eCommerce Driven By Sustainability + Innovation

Our experience replatform, redesign and rebuilding Outerknown’s eCommerce website is the subject of a Zehner case study. Outerknown sets a new standard in how clients are able to manage and merchandize their sites.

Read the case study here.


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