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Yoga Six is changing the way people think about and experience yoga. Mystical and ethereal are out; modern, results-oriented yoga is in. Unlock your full potential in a bright and elegant studio whose approach to yoga is rooted in science, delivering real results by focusing on the body as the gateway to the mind.

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Strong. Calm. Clear.

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Yoga Six saw the importance in remodeling all of their interiors, so they could provide a high-end yoga studio like no other. Their luxurious studios accommodate a myriad features ranging from fully equipped locker rooms to anti-microbial mats in practice rooms.

Yoga Six came to Zehner to help them design a website that reflected their new brand. Because of our ability to marry design and technology we were able to build a stunning new site on the Wordpress platform that seamlessly integrates with their internal third party softwares.

We built a scalable product that allows the client to add new locations and content through the CMS. The websites modular system now allows Yoga Six to build, manage, and edit pages in the site without support.

Branding Over Everything

Yoga Six’s new website defines who they are, what they believe, and how they want to provide an immersive experience to all yogis. We emphasized the integration of their new brand into the design by bringing their offline presence online, allowing users capture an accurate sense of Yoga Six’s modern, yet tranquil environment.