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Health-First, Personalized Recipes, Delivered to Your Doggy Door.

The Background

As a new direct-to-consumer brand, Tailored Pet Nutrition offers health-first, personalized recipes for your dog. The brand was founded on the philosophy that every dog is special and their food should be too. Therefore, a key component of this project was to create a quiz to guide users through the experience and provide personalized products based on your dog’s specific needs. Tailored Pet Nutrition approached Zehner for IA/UX consultation, design production, and development to help build and launch their eCommerce experience on Shopify Plus.

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Crafting a Guided Quiz Experience with Personalized Product.

The Solution

We needed to help the client define a new model for dog food, leveraging personalization throughout to create an intuitive user experience that delivered results. As part of this project, Zehner worked collaboratively the client and also the New York based design agency, Red Antler who completed the concepts for the site. Through every stage of our work with Tailored Pet Nutrition and Red Antler, Zehner has taken a customer-first approach, understanding the needs of the user as they seek personalized food for their dog.

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The Guided Quiz Experience

Step by step, the quiz walks users through questions about your dog’s age, size, breed, sensitives, and wellness goals. There are dynamic fields throughout the quiz to improve the level of personalization, for example including your dog’s name in the questions and showing the tailored recipe as you progress. In addition to featuring conditional questions based on the user’s answers using branching logic. Based on the answers provided, Tailored Pet Nutrition then personalizes an expert-formulated kibble blend for the dog's unique needs and excludes any sensitivities.

We delivered a scalable content system using module features within Shopify that can adapt to Tailored Pet Nutrition's evolving needs as the brand grows. With more transparency around the global impact of a user's purchase, the process is transformed into a celebratory and emotional experience for customers.

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Personalized Products

Following the quiz, the user is then taken to a personalized product detail page, which features a specific blend of kibble based on the answers provided. Users are able to select between a one time purchase or start a product subscription. Once the user has placed the order, the guaranteed analysis is printed on the backside of the packaging and the claims shown on the product detail page as well as the dog’s name is printed on the frontside of the packaging.

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Pet Profiles + Account Dashboard

Once the user completes the quiz, their answers are saved as a pet profile in the account dashboard. The user can also access information about their subscriptions, orders, and other related account information there.

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Powered by Sophisticated Technology

Our technology team created custom middleware to bring the data collected from the quiz to the personalized product detail page. This technology effectively translates the user’s answers on the quiz to related claims. For example, when a user answers their dog can’t eat dairy, this is then translated to the “dairy-free” claim. Through this process, each claim is prioritized to ensure the final product effectively meets the user’s needs.

Steve Joyce CEO at Tailored Pet Nutrition

“Zehner enthusiastically dove into a more complicated than normal commerce subscription project and helped drive solutions for our business. Not only did they help us launch on time, the team has also provided ongoing support as we discover new features and functionality.”


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