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Inspiring Connection To The Outdoors Through Beautiful, Functional Products

The Task

Founded in 2011, Stio connects consumers with the outdoors through an innovative, sustainable and versatile take on fashion. Stio approached Zehner with an outdated infrastructure that lacked security and scalability — hindering the growth of their direct-to-consumer business model. Ultimately, Zehner’s redesign and replatform was able to merge commerce and content into one cohesive and manageable experience.

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Redesign + Replatform to Bring Cohesion to Stio's Commerce + Content

The Solution

Initially, Zehner was only slated to replatform Stio. However, after giving it careful consideration, our team decided that in order to effectively highlight the lucidity of Stio’s brand, a redesign was essential. We embarked on a journey to merge Stio’s commerce and content onto Shopify Plus—working to find a balance between product consideration and storytelling in order to properly evoke Stio’s lifestyle and values.


Improvement in overall revenue


Improvement in revenue on mobile


Improvement in conversion rate

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Replatforming to Shopify Plus

Historically, Stio’s was on three separate platforms: commerce through Magento, and content through one WordPress site and one Exposure site.

This lack of efficiency was stunting their growth and failing to create a positive user experience for their community.

Working collaboratively with Stio, we determined that the best solution was to replatform and consolidate to Shopify Plus. 

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Stio's eCommerce Experience Turns Over a New Leaf

We were able to design and build a modular CMS that enabled Stio to merchandize with their most recent content throughout the entire website, including intertwining product cards throughout blog posts. Zehner took a minimalistic approach when realigning Stio’s eCommerce experience with their retail brand— by using brand color accents and allowing photography to be the main focus, users receive the same elevated experience they have in-store.

Collaboration From Start to Finish

Throughout the entirety of the project, our team worked closely with Stio to keep the needs of the user at the forefront. The final solution is an experience that cross pollinates content and commerce— resulting in an elevated experience for the user.

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Shopify Plus

Platform for high-volume and enterprise merchants.


Widget for customers to read and write reviews.

Dynamic Yield

Personalized shopping experience.


Customer Lifecycle Management platform.


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