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With nearly 732,000 monthly subscribers, Stamps.com is the go-to site for affordable postage supplies that can be printed from the comfort of your own home. As the first company to offer users the ability to print official USPS® postage at home, its customer base includes individuals, small businesses, and governmental organizations. Stamps.com approached Zehner to optimize for mobile and create a better user experience for its brand and its subsidiary, Endicia.com.

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A Simplified Single-Sign-On Experience

The Solution

The Stamps.com team recognized that their site was slow, unstable, and unresponsive. To create a scalable modular design system that branched across the Stamps.com and Endicia.com brands, we replatformed and decoupled their legacy sites from Oracle to Shopify Plus. The project involved integrating the Stamps.com app ecosystem into a seamless single-sign-on (SSO) experience that involved the migration of over 1 million customers and orders.

To implement a single-sign-on experience, we undertook a robust middleware on AWS to combine the two storefronts. The new Stamps.com site flawlessly integrates and displays both Stamps.com and Endicia.com account information on each customer’s Shopify Plus account page.

Zehner also integrated Disco Labs with Submarine to implement credit card vaulting from Stamps.com and Endicia.com’s existing saved payment methods.

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Personalized + Reactive Solutions

One of the highlights of our partnership with Stamps.com was developing a homepage that offers customized product recommendations based on customer activity and account type through Shopify Plus and Dynamic Yield.

Our team also worked to build out the infrastructure necessary for Stamps.com’s registration funnel and user notifications. These personalized touches integrate with each user’s Stamps.com and Endicia.com accounts to trigger the delivery of a “Welcome Kit” to a new user’s home.

Driving Results Through Collaboration

During the development process, Zehner collaborated closely with multiple Stamps.com departments to deliver complex and personalized solutions. We delivered a fully responsive and branded Shopify Plus experience for Stamps.com through an iterative and collaborative approach.


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