San Antonio Museum Of Art

Illuminating culture & history through an elevated experience

The San Antonio Museum of Art is renowned for its diverse collection of significant works representing 5,000 years of history and world cultures. Zehner partnered with SAMA to rebrand and redesign their website to attract new audiences and drive deeper engagement.

Our services: brand identity, strategy, User Experience, Visual Design & Web Development

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A Rebrand + Redesign to Drive Engagement

Our team’s expertise across verticals uniquely positioned us to develop a brand strategy that would actively engage a broader demographic. Furthermore, establishing a new brand identity for SAMA required a delicate balance of heritage and innovation. At the crux of SAMA’s reimagined identity, exists two essential elements: logomark and logotype. The use of clean lines and movement within the logomark represents modernity, while the more traditional logotype font face adheres to classic convention. This juxtaposition signifies the museum’s offering, while both the abbreviation of the name and full spelling plays into the conversational use of ‘SAMA’ by the community and public at large.

Our IA/UX design focused on the heart of the museum experience - its people. SAMA’s local and international audience of visitors, artists, scholars, personnel and donors were all carefully considered throughout the architecting of the user journey. We concentrated on building a vibrant digital space that not only highlights the museum’s significant works of art, but also immerses the user in a community center where they learn about additional opportunities to connect in meaningful ways.

Finally, we executed a full, new site-build to accentuate the design concepts, with a custom CMS, built on Django-CMS, and Shopify integration for speed, security and scalability. These technology selections alleviate operational pains for SAMA’s internal team and enable them to seamlessly update the site to meet the organization’s needs.

Designing a Brand
from Concept
to Execution

Our collaborative approach and robust set of offerings enabled us to holistically elevate SAMA’s brand from strategy and identity, to design and digital experience. Our team of strategists, designers and developers crafted a modern and sustainable solution that connects with multiple demographics and helps to define this special and unique art mecca, as a must-see cultural destination for residents and tourists alike.