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From styling the world's most famous celebs to starring on her own hit reality TV show, Rachel Zoe charts new territory with her first-ever online store and series of pop-up shops.

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Website e-commerce development for the world’s most famous stylist

With nearly two decades in the fashion industry, popular fashion stylist Rachel Zoe knows nothing comes easy. In 2011, her company launched its first line of vintage-inspired clothing, which is now available in over 275 high-end department stores worldwide.

After seeing success in the retail space, Rachel Zoe teamed with Zehner to match this success in the digital space. Known for our eCommerce development expertise and our ability to execute on-time, we were a perfect fit to work in tandem with the Rachel Zoe design team.

Our Agile methodology allowed the teams to work quickly and efficiently together, ensuring that the site was reflective of Zoe’s savvy designs. Our DevOps experts also integrated the eCommerce site with the company’s ERP system, automating inventory tracking, order hand-off, and shipping notifications. Now, Rachel Zoe’s team can rest easy about their digital footprint and focus more on the creative aspects of their work.

We Execute on time

Time as we all know is limited. It is also a direct factor in project budget. With that in mind, we optimize time in ideation, design and development. By implementing AGILE methodology, the team and client can make strategic budget, time and scope decisions quickly.