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Pressed Juicery’s mission is to make high nutrition a realistic option for everyone. They are known for their cold-pressed juices that are offered through retail, delivery subscriptions, and cleanses.

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What once started out as a small storefront in West LA has now expanded toZehner a national footprint. Pressed Juicery needed development support and DevOps to expand their online capabilities.

Pressed Juicery came to Zehner because we are an agency that had the technology and DevOps to support their ideal site. We responded very quickly and customized a support plan for them.

Zehner’s deep technical capabilities enable Pressed Juicery to continuously expand the sites current functionality and remain competitive with the deployment of national fulfillment locations and advanced back-office capabilities. Their administrators are also now able to support more consumer orders.


Our team at Zehner meticulously listened to Pressed Juicery’s needs and was innovative in how we rolled out the technology and supported the platform from the ground up.
With the new development, it is now much easier for them to process orders on their fluid and responsive site.