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An eCommerce Experience Built to Last

The Task

When our client, Outerknown came to us to replatform, redesign and rebuild their ecommerce website, we knew we had to do something innovative. Through collaboration and strategic thinking, we were able to reimagine the Shopify Plus CMS and deliver a modular design that will adapt as the brand continues to evolve.

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Designed with Sophistication + Built for Functionality

The Solution

As part of the discovery phase, we learnt that the Outerknown team were frustrated by the limitations of the current platform and the restrictive nature of their current design. Essentially, their in-house designers had a vision for what the site could offer users, but their current theme templates and platform couldn’t keep up.


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Set New Standards at the Intersection of Design + Technology

We adopted a modular design and rethink the functionality of the Shopify Plus CMS. Essentially, we were able to further develop the native liquid code that Shopify is built on, to provide a greater level of flexibility in the way pages are structured and how the overall site is managed.

We also conducted extensive research during platform selection and data migration to replatform the site to Shopify Plus.

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From there, we were able to deliver an ecommerce experience, that sets a new standard in how clients are able to manage and merchandize their sites.

This empowers Outerknown’s in-house team to re-merchandize web content without needing to work with a developer. In turn, allowing the Outerknown team to leverage our designs and engineering to make their vision for their sight a reality.

Beyond that, we were also able to update Outerknown’s visual elements and digital animations without losing sight of the overall brand identity.

Innovation through Collaboration

At Zehner, our biggest strength is our collaborative approach to digital experiences. This project is no exception.The complex functionality of the front and backend of the site is due to the cumulative efforts of our content strategists, IA/UX specialists, visual designers, and developers.

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