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Bright ideas, hot colors and bold textures

Full of the classics, the revolutionary and time-tested fan favorites the ORLY Permanent Color Collection has something for everyone.

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From the inventor of original French Manicure, a site that lives up to his legacy

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Showcasing products and simplifying the shopping experience

With the ORLY Beauty website redesign, our challenge was two-fold: To create a beautiful new design that would showcase all of ORLY's products and to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for the customer.

We aimed to highlight the spirit of ORLY founder Jeff Pink and his most well-known creation, the French Manicure. Keeping Pink's legacy in mind, we designed a simply structured and easy-to-use website that allows each colorful ORLY nailpolish to take center stage.

We built a fully-stacked Magento e-commerce backend that feels breathable, modern and luxurious. Users can browse by collection, search by color, or find nail care tips with just a few clicks. The new ORLYbeauty.com provides a stress-free, enjoyable shopping experience that makes ORLY stand out from the crowd as a timeless and classic brand.

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