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Nuun Hydration

Hydration for Everyday Living


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Everyday Hydration Made Easy


Nuun dissolvable tablets allow you to hydrate with electrolytes, vitamins and clean ingredients without the unnecessary sugar and carbohydrates. Based in Seattle, Nuun is sold in over 5000 outlets across the U.S and is available in over 30 countries. As their digital partner, we collaboratively realigned the brand by redesigning and replatforming their eCommerce experience to Shopify Plus as well as building a custom Django application for their community to engage with the brand.

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Realigning Nuun As A Lifestyle Brand Built On Community

Our Solution

Historically, Nuun was positioned as a tool for athletes to recover from intense workouts. The brand adopted a grass-roots approach to work closely with their community of marathon runners, cyclists and climbers. However, Nuun realized the broader application of the product for everyday life and in turn we were able to collaboratively realign the brand to be more lifestyle centric. Ultimately, our goal was to create a unique brand experience with a focus on product education and community to offer users something special. Case in point - the eCommerce homepage prioritizes product education and brand storytelling over conversion by educating the user on the form and usability of the product.

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One of the goals of the new site was for a user to understand the benefits of the products before purchasing. Our designs showcase the ingredients and key benefits of each Nuun Flavor across the homepage, product landing pages, and product detail pages. We also elevated the brand through new lifestyle photography that features the product in a kitchen with fresh fruit related to each Nuun flavor. Furthermore, the subscription functionality included as part of the "Create a Nuun Box" continues to position as an integral aspect of everyday hydration.

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A Custom Application for a Community of Athletes

One of the key components that was essential in realigning Nuun was to honor the community of athletes that helped form the brand.

In turn, we were able to build Nuun Tribe, a custom Django application that allows the 4000 ambassadors continue to engage with the brand by creating athlete profiles, managing team profiles, and submitting sponsored events.

The creation of this app streamlines the internal effort required and empowers the community to manage their own content.

Collaboratively Pushing Boundaries

Throughout the project, Nuun had a clear vision of how they wanted their eCommerce experience to exist and interact with Django application. Our  collaborative approach built a sense of trust with the client  as we were able to challenge and iterate. Ultimately, we built a unique digital experience that aligned with Nuun's overall business goals and brand. 

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