Juice Served Here

Never conventional

Juice Served Here makes things that make you feel better. They're always ready with what what you want and what you don’t know you need.

Like designing, cleansing is all about identifying what you want to achieve.

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Juice Served Here came to Zehner looking to increase online sales and find a solution that would be scalable and easy to use. We engaged our partners at Shopify Plus who worked with us to find all the right digital solutions to get the Juice Served Here site where it needs to be.

We crafted the blueprint necessary to scale Juice Served Here allowing for new offerings like sandwiches and salads to their business and customers. By rethinking the Build-A-Box offering, subscription model, and user jouneys from consideration to conversion we were able to increase sales in the first month after relaunch by 300%.

The first of its kind on Shopify Plus, Juice Served Here’s Build-A-Box feature offers online shoppers a unique, engaging, and rewarding ecommerce experience.


Juice Served Here is a beautiful brand and SoCal staple. We worked with the Juice Served Here team to deliver a unique Shopify Build-A-Box feature that showed a 300% increase in sales in the first month of relaunch.