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The New West Coast Prep


Founded by John O’Donnell in 2005, johnnie-O effortlessly combines traditional east cost prep with west coast cool.

Designed as a premium clothing line for everyday living, johnnie-O began with a signature four-button polo shirt and now offers pants, pullovers, swimwear, and more. In fact, the brand is an established favorite of athletes, celebrities and everyday consumers with products available in hundreds of stores around the country.

However in 2017, the johnnie-O team faced a decision when it came to their eCommerce experience. After experiencing yet another website crash during a key selling day, the team decided it was time to relaunch their eCommerce experience just three months before Black Friday Cyber Monday.

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The New West Coast Prep

The Task

johnnie-O came to Zehner frustrated with the limitations they had when it came to scaling their direct to consumer online experience.

Coupled with a strong focus on design and improved conversion, it was Zehner and johnnie-O’s goal to create an eCommerce experience that provided stable, efficient, and easy to manage merchandise.

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Redesigning and Replatforming a Seamless eCommerce Experience to Boost ROI

The Solution

As we worked collaboratively to reimagine what the new johnnie-O experience should feel like, we made the decision to use Shopify Plus as the updated platform.

Our decision was based on needing a stable framework which would also allow us to architect a website that would meet the needs of the johnnie-O audience.

Additionally, Shopify Plus gives a simple backend solution that allows the internal team to efficiently navigate using easy to use CMS, along with quick integration points with WMS and ERP.


Revenue on Cyber Monday


Conversion Rate


Enjoyed a traffic spike

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Delivering an Experience to Drive Sales

With only 20 days until Black Friday Cyber Monday, Zehner and the johnnie-O team worked closely together to ensure the site launched for one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year.

With this deadline in mind, we were able to support the launch by writing scripts for some of the promotions planned to roll out.

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AOV Up 10%: ‘It’s Been a Really Good Year’

The timing of the launch of the site was crucial and set up the brand for long-term success. Of course the 2017 Black Friday Cyber Monday launch provided momentum for johnnie-O as site traffic remained up 51% through to the end of 2017.

In fact, since the start of 2018, johnnie-O’s:

• Average order value is up 10%
• Mobile conversion rate has increased 16%
• Site traffic has grown 33% in total
• Total page views are up 81%

We Execute on Time

What’s next is a much different future for a company emboldened now by what is possible through its new capacity in ecommerce.

Black Friday Cyber Monday is again around the corner. Can johnnie-O double its sales once more?

It will at least target to match last year’s YoY revenue growth, Berner says, and internally there may be the hunger for even more. johnnie-O may feel like it is just scratching the surface for what it can accomplish through a site finally working the way the company has designed it.

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Clare Berner johnnie-O’s Director of eCommerce

“It’s been pretty smooth sailing. The migration has enabled us to meet our goals, it’s been a really good year.”


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