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The New West Coast Prep

Johnnie-O is a fashion lifestyle brand for men where West Coast casual meets East Coast tradition.

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Due to the limitations and issues with their current site, the Johnnie-O team had difficulty scaling their direct to consumer online experiences. Not only did they need a site that looked and converted better, but was also stable, faster and easier to manage and merchandise.

In rethinking and evaluating the overall experience of, we identified Shopify Plus as the appropriate platform for their new site. It offers a stable framework that we could architect and design to meet the needs of the Johnnie-O audience.

Shopify also provides a simple backend solution for their internal team to navigate with easy to use CMS, and quick integration points with WMS and ERP.

We collaborated with the Johnnie-O team, to discover deeper engagement features for their site such as: a shoppable lookbook, curated Instagram feed, wishlist and product recommendations. With the help of our experienced plug-in partners: Zmags, Get Candid, Gift Reggie, and Nosto we brought these features to life and met the client's needs.


Time as we all know is limited. It is also a direct factor in project budget. With that in mind, we optimize time in ideation, design and development. By implementing AGILE methodology, the team and client can make strategic budget, time and scope decisions quickly.