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Fullscreen media needed a fresh new look and strong, easy to update development foundation to support their communication efforts brand wide.

The journey began with an in depth discovery and research process. We interviewed key stakeholders throughout the organization, auditing all touch points and producing prototypes from our learnings.

Once having a solid foundation to build on, we collaborated with the internal Fullscreen marketing and design teams to shape the tone of voice and messaging that would connect with the diverse audience set of fans, brands and creators.

Highlighting the vibrant landscape that is Fullscreen — the emotional connection through typography, photography, offset angled background pallets and animations — the new Fullscreen brand came to life to create something new and original.

This new visual modular language was then layered on top of a scalable CMS, featuring video ticketing, career integrations and an aggressive approach to carrying through the animations into the mobile-sphere. The new approach is now being rolled out across the Fullscreen digital ecosystem.

We Deliver Solutions

We are passionate dockabout what we do and work to deliver the best solutions possible. We take a holistic approach to our partner’s businesses by creating experiences to help realize and execute on a long-term vision for sustainable growth.