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FIJI Water

An Iconic Bottled Water Brand Reimagined


IA/UX, Design, Development + Data Migration


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eCommerce That Brings Water From the Island of Fiji to You


FIJI Water has provided the world with premium, sustainably-sourced drinking water since 1996. The water is sourced from Fiji's sustainable ancient artesian aquifer and then bottled as, “The Earth’s Finest Water.” Zehner was approached by the brand to reimagine and replatform Fijiwater.com.  

The primary focus for the project was to unify FIJI Water’s eCommerce site and brand content site into one seamless digital experience. It was essential for this new experience to convey the premium quality of the product and evoke the iconic tropical visuals that have become synonymous with FIJI Water. The project also required moving the brand off the eCommerce platform, Symphony and instead build a more scalable CMS on Shopify Plus. This involved a complex data migration of more than seven years of customer data.

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Redesign & Replatform to Craft an Immersive Brand Experience

The Solution

Zehner got the opportunity to design a cinematic, digital experience that showcases FIJI Water’s iconic brand ecosystem of visual elements and storytelling. Our designs layer vibrant photography of tropical landscapes and illustrative graphics with elevated copywriting to create a sense of dimension throughout the site. There’s no better example of this multi-dimensional design approach, than “The Water” story page. We highly recommend you go check it out for yourself here. The use of animations and subtle movement across the site creates an immersive brand experience, as illustrated by the organic movement and evolution of the clouds on “The Water” story page. 

Zehner rebuilt FIJI Water’s technology architecture, moving the brand from a legacy eCommerce solution to Shopify Plus. We combined FIJI Water’s eCommerce and branded content sites into one seamless experience that immerses customers in the brand. Additionally, we implemented ReCharge to improve the subscription purchase process and customer experience.



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We built out an improved subscription shopping experience using Recharge Payments that intuitively allows the user to select size of bottle, quantity, and of course set an auto-replenishment schedule. The combination of platforms enabled Fiji Water to solve their business challenges with a drastic reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) vs other options.

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Scalable Design for Sustainable Storytelling

Zehner adopted a modular and mobile first design approach to ensure Fiji’s eCommerce brand experience could scale over time. Zehner also built a customizable CMS for the Fiji team to easily merchandize and tell their brand story.

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Crafting an Intuitive Subscription Experience

We crafted an intuitive subscription shopping experience by implementing Recharge. The experience enables the user to select the size of bottle, quantity, and of course set an auto-replenishment schedule. The combination of platforms enabled FIJI Water to solve their business challenges with a drastic reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) vs other options. 

Data Migration

Zehner was responsible for migrating over seven years of Fiji Water’s customer data, orders, products and subscription information from multiple source systems to their new Shopify/Recharge platform. To handle such a large data set, Zehner developed a reproducible process for merging data from multiple systems prior to migration.  That process allowed the Zehner and Fiji Water teams to run repeated migration tests, which ensured that there was no disruption in customer experience or recurring orders with the cutover to the new system.


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