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ERZO™ Vitamin Biscuit takes your daily dose to the next level - a combination of whole grain cereal biscuit with a carefully formulated blend of complete vitamins. Three little biscuits a day, whenever you like.

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Design and Develop a Website to Build a Healthier Public

A new form of prenatal vitamin that aims to change the women's health during pregnancy will soon be on the market. Erzo developed a complete vitamin in the form of edible biscuits, allowing for easier ingestion and digestion of the essential nutrients found in prenatal vitamins.

In our partnership with Erzo, we designed and built a scalable, integrated eCommerce site for their product in just over two months. Our primary role was designing the site's UX/UI and developing it's Wordpress backend system to integrate with WooCommerce.

Throughout the project we partnered with the DoubleDay & Cartwright branding team to ensure our user experience was in sync with the brand's tone and visual identity. The robust site contains features such as a monthly subscription service and auto-renewal of subscriptions, and it is completely integrated with Shipwire fulfillment services.

We're excited to see the launch of Pre in 2015 and are honored to be a collaborator in their efforts to improve women's health.

We Execute on time

Time as we all know is limited. It is also a direct factor in project budget. With that in mind, we optimize time in ideation, design and development. By implementing AGILE methodology, the team and client can make strategic budget, time and scope decisions quickly.