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Entity is a women's media platform built upon the belief that with the right tools and education, women have infinite potential. Within the context of achievement, character building and worldly refinement, Entity encourages women to propel themselves into action.

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Entity’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Schwab, came to Zehner looking for a partner to help build a unique brand and second-to-none publishing platform to bring her and her team’s unique voice to women across the world. Zehner and the Entity team worked in close collaboration to build out the brand and platform as well as a customized CMS that would facilitate publishing a large quantity of content across multiple content verticals as effectively and efficiently as possible.


With our partnership, we brought Entity a website and brand that effectively allows various contributors to come on board and share unique perspectives on relevant topics for women everywhere. Now there is a platform with a distinct, yet connected voice about women empowerment that appeals to a wide audience while simultaneously maintaining a high level of editorial integrity.