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Dress the Population

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Designed With Elegance. 
Made With Compassion.


Based in Los Angeles, Dress the Population offers sophisticated garments with flattering silhouettes, premium materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. From wedding dresses to sequined jumpsuits to the perfect little black dress, the brand delivers premium fashion at an accessible price point. Dress the Population is available at a variety of retailers across the country including, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and more. With such a strong presence in retail, the brand was looking to expand their presence in the market with an updated brand identity, content, and eCommerce site.

As the brand realigned business goals to focus on eCommerce, Dress the Population approached Zehner to rebrand and reposition as well as design and build a modular eCommerce experience on ShopifyPlus.

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Brand Strategy

Our strategy from the beginning was to convey the elegance and sophistication of the garments as well as the innovative pricing architecture. Through in-depth research we were able to uncover a third element for the strategy, compassionate fashion. This element speaks to the kindness the brand shows as part of their charity program and their commitment to practice to the people, societies, and ecosystems that are impacted across our supply chain.

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Modern + Minimal Rebrand

The brand identity evokes the effortless confidence one feels when wearing a piece from Dress the Population. Ethereal. Feminine. Powerful. The flexibility of the logomark allows the text to fill the space of the vertical space of the design without moving on the horizontal axis. The brand identity ecosystem consists of a primary and secondary wordmark, romantic color palette, minimalist graphic element and complementary typography.

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Bringing Elegance to eCommerce With a Complete Redesign.

The Solution

Our designs for the eCommerce experience expanded on the visual direction set as part of the brand phase. Our focus was to create a modular design system that showcases the craftsmanship and detail of each garment as well as convey the lifestyle behind the brand. We adopted a structured, grid layout with a romantic color palette and minimalistic UI elements to allow the photography to take priority. The photography showcases the silhouette, the details and the movement of each garment.

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Cosmopolitan Dress the Population

The eCommerce experience also features a collaboration between Dress the Population and Cosmopolitan magazine. The user is able to access the collection of special edition dresses and bodysuits through a tabbed experience above the header navigation. This takes the user to a dedicated category landing page, which echoes the design of the main Dress the Population site.

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Enhanced Filtering Functionality

Our team implemented Findify to create custom filtering on product list pages for each collection. This integration allows the user to browse for products by additional attributes, including by neckline, dress length, sleeve length, and more. Not only does this improve the overall user experience of the site but also effectively conveys the variety of the designs.


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