Culver City Centennial Branding


Culver City is celebrating their Centennial beginning with their 99th birthday on September 20, 2016, and concluding their festivities exactly one year later on September 20, 2017. Grasp Culver City’s glorious past, experience their vibrant present, and imagine their limitless future.

Community + Commerce

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Culver City came to Zehner needing a brand for their year-long celebration event. Not only did they want it to embody 100 years of rich history in manufacturing, entertainment and its current evolution into a thriving, dynamic tech community; the branding also needed to represent the flourishing culture of the city’s people.Being a part of the Culver City community, Zehner was ecstatic to play such an important role in this event.

Aside from creating the website, our project was heavily involved with the branding of their print and event collateral. We designed a logo that illuminates the exchange of community and commerce within the city and created a brand guide and tool kit. With those, we provided Culver City Centennial with the essential assets and tools so that they could build the event out internally.


Our solution for the ideal logo was to build off of the existing Culver City brand. We took the two zeroes in “100” and created two “C’s” intertwined, highlighting community and commerce. With the logo being posted all over Culver City, now our community will be able to capture and prepare for the highly anticipated century celebration.