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A Walk of Art

Bucketfeet is on a mission to connect people through art by tapping into the diversity and creativity of the world. With shoes as the canvas, Bucketfeet collaborates with artists to create products that stand out and tell a story.

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Reimagining the Platform

The Bucketfeet team came to Zehner with an untenable design vision. Given our expertise within design and ecommerce for Shopify Plus, we had the tools and skill they needed to create a scaleable design solution and replatform their brand to achieve their goals.

Our solution was simple - engage with Shopify Plus and build a fully customized responsive site. With a heavy hand in the designs that were given to us, we refined the site into more of a modular based systematic interface that could be easily interchangeable and flexible at their leisure. Thus, enabling them to create pages and change layouts from the CMS.

Now, the user experience provides a more clear direction making the journey from the product consideration to checkout seamless. The aesthetic we strived for with Bucketfeet was creating an ambient, free-floating feel to the experience, while thinking modularly.


The new site elevates the Bucketfeet brand by allowing the products to be front and center enabling them to further propel their footwear out into the world.