Rachel Zoe Box of Style Ecommerce

Delivering exclusive styles one box at a time

Box of Style is a subscription box of seasonal styles and exclusive products curated by celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Rachel Zoe. Zehner first began working with Rachel and the Box of Style team in 2014 to support the development of their technology infrastructure on Woocommerce. Now five years later, Box of Style approached Zehner to replatform the experience to Shopify Plus as the eCommerce platform and ReCharge for subscription payments.

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Building a luxury subscription experience with style

Box of Style is unlike a traditional eCommerce experience, whereby a user is able to purchase an item at anytime. Instead, the subscription program exists on a set timeline with each member receiving a box of luxury essentials four times a year. Of course, a user can become a member at any time, however they are only able to select items in their box during a specific timeframe.

In order to create this experience, we built custom technology that facilitates seamless communication between Shopify and Recharge. It was crucial to ensure each user received the correct items at the correct price at the correct time.

In addition to subscriptions, users can now make one off purchases through the Add on Marketplace, which has increased overall cart value for the brand. We also built gifting functionality for users to easily purchase a box for a friend. Ultimately, we built a solution that ensures the brand’s scalability and empowers their internal team to focus on creative execution rather than technology.

Data Migration

Replatforming Box of Style from a custom WooCommerce experience to Shopify Plus required Zehner to normalize the dataset across orders, customer information, and subscription data.