Founded in Los Angeles, BH Cosmetics has built a brand that remains inspired by diversity and individuality. The idea of continual evolution is cornerstone to their mission. BH Cosmetics approached Zehner with an opportunity to pivot and reposition their brand; the end result was a mobile-first eCommerce experience with an open interface design that will evolve alongside the BH Cosmetics brand as a whole.

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By migrating BH Cosmetics to Shopify Plus, Zehner was able to adopt a modular design approach—making the entire eCommerce experience easy to merchandize. To create a seamless user experience, we adopted a mobile-first approach for design as 80% of BH Cosmetics’ traffic comes through mobile. Our design team created an open interface that would adapt with the evolution of the brand aesthetic—this framework allows BH Cosmetics’ eCommerce experience to stay as relevant as the brand itself. Incorporating a custom color gradient and a consistent, yet playful color palette throughout the site further elevates the brand and highlights the spirit of the BH Cosmetics lifestyle.

As part of the brand realignment, Zehner redefined BH Cosmetics' product photography strategy from art direction to production. The designs also included image carousels that showcase a balanced selection of product, lifestyle, and influencer photography—all cohesive elements that weave brand storytelling into the eCommerce experience.

Our team also created custom product bundles and free gifts as a way to create a more intuitive user experience. The product bundles, referred to as “Hauls,” combine multiple SKUs into one product detail page—an effective solution for fulfillment and checkout flow, as well as a branding opportunity by way of providing added value to the user. Free gifts can be run on an infinite number of promotions, but are most commonly awarded based on purchase history and cart value. Whether it be removing the gift after a discount has been applied or offering multiple product and shade choices, BH Cosmetics can entirely customize the ‘freebie’ options to their liking.

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Zehner utilized Nosto throughout the BH Cosmetics’ eCommerce experience to offer personalized product recommendations based on a user’s cart and browsing history.