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The go-to spot for tennis fans that want to know what goes on beyond the realm of the game. Baseline not only gives you the opportunity to learn more about the lifestyles of professional tennis players, but it also helps you improve your tennis game. Read up on Federer’s worldwide, passionate fans or a biography of two-time Wimbledon champion, Petra Kvitova, but not before watching a video from instructor, Nick Bollettieri, on how to keep your eye on the ball.

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Beyond the Store

Wanting to attract a broader tennis audience throughout the country, and USTA partnered up and came to us for creative and strategic direction, as well as for our technological capabilities.

Because of our closely-tied relationship and previous project with, we were able to create a single content management system between the two sites for internal ease of use and work flow, built on Django.

The result: a clean and crisp user experience, making it easy to explore Baseline’s plethora of content ranging from news, gear, instruction, travel, and fitness-nutrition. With an API driven approach to enable future releases of native mobile apps and creative content syndication, we created a site completely built for the modern web that is fully responsive across all devices.

A Strategy To Attract

Similar to how it it takes strategy to win a tennis match, our team used strategy to win over a broader tennis audience. We delivered the right brand and content strategy to them through key planning on content creation, delivery, and governance. The site successfully launched to support over 150,000 users in its first month.