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Barefoot Dreams

Bringing Malibu’s Warmth To A PWA Platform


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Bringing the SoCal Aesthetic to eCommerce


Over the past 25 years, the beloved Malibu-based brand Barefoot Dreams has become the premier destination for cozy, California inspired blankets, loungewear, and accessories. Barefoot Dreams is the quintessential SoCal brand and is carried in 5-star resorts and spas, world-renowned department stores, and upscale boutiques worldwide.

Barefoot Dreams approached Zehner about realigning the brand so that anyone who visited their site would immediately understand the Malibu lifestyle guiding the brand. Creating a best-in-class experience meant ensuring a fast-loading site, seamless Shopify integrations, and providing visitors with an accurate inventory representation.

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Realigning Brand With A Progressive Web App

The Solution

To create a better user experience, Zehner redesigned and re-platformed the Barefoot Dreams site using a Progressive Web App. Progressive Web Apps, commonly referred to as PWAs, offered us the flexibility and speed needed to make Barefoot Dreams’ vision a reality. The final result is an eCommerce experience that captures the softness of the brand’s Malibu inspiration.

Using Nacelle’s PWA platform enabled us to optimize the Barefoot Dreams site speed while also delivering a flexible, customized site. Nacelle’s headless eCommerce platform allows for component flexibility and improves the rate at which a web page is rendered and sent to a user. Utilizing Nacelle’s services enabled us to not solely rely on Shopify and create an app-like experience for end-user load times.

Nacelle’s headless app integrations and 3rd party Shopify integrations enabled us to create a fully-customized experience tailored to the brand’s needs and goals.

Working with a Progressive Web App also allowed us to flex and build new muscles. Translating our process to a PWA system enabled us to take what we’ve learned using Shopify and build on it for a new platform. Zehner’s most significant learning was that a PWA system provides limitless potential for what we can build and offer our clients.


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Brand Realignment

Zehner worked to bring the cozy, sun-drenched feeling of Barefoot Dreams to life online. Our team identified the values, stories, and product offerings that have made Barefoot Dreams a brand beloved by many. We then created a product-driven eCommerce experience filled with soft textures and categories to refresh their brand and speak to a broader market.

The brand’s refresh includes a new photography strategy, color palette, and typography style that captures Barefoot Dreams’ Malibu inspired designs. To accomplish this, our team identified new tonal qualities and shadows that could be used at future photoshoots and to repurpose old product photography. The morning and evening tones on the site echo the Barefoot Dreams collection and, when viewed alongside the brand’s new typography, communicate a subtle and modern sophistication.

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Delivering an Intuitive User Experience

On the UX side, our team performed a complete information architecture overhaul. Barefoot Dreams’ previous site consisted of several repeating sizes. To streamline this, we truncated image sizing and implemented swatches for consistency. We also simplified the methods by which product types are categorized. The site’s new filtering system also delivers improved customer experience.

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Subtle Animations With Ambient Design

From the beginning, we knew that a sense of ambiance was essential for highlighting Barefoot Dreams’ content and improving the exploration experience. We created a series of animations that capture the ocean’s waves through fade-ins that mimic the ocean’s flow. These animations help tell the Barefoot Dreams story through motion.

The fabrics page also captures the Barefoot Dreams aesthetic through built-in video capability that offers close-up and info on caring for each fiber type.

Modular Design System

The new Barefoot Dreams site is built on a modular design system. A modular design system provides the client with long-term flexibility, even as Barefoot Dreams continues to grow. The new Barefoot Dreams eCommerce experience is built for scale so that their internal team can focus their efforts on creating content, not managing it.

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