A modern, romantic take on bohemian style

Band of Gypsies evokes the feminine, free-spirit that was cultivated at the height of the late 1960’s rock and roll scene. The collection embraces the romance of that era and takes inspiration from icons such as Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks, who created a style all their own. As their digital partner, Zehner built an eCommerce experience that showcases the effortless spirit of the brand, elevates their story, and generates an ideal user experience for their new direct-to-consumer audience.

Our Services: User Experience Design, Visual Design + Web Development

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Elevating the brand for D2C success

Band of Gypsies approached Zehner to expand beyond their successful wholesale business, and craft their first D2C eCommerce experience. In order to accelerate and sustain this growth, we took a holistic approach to the project. As a premier Shopify Plus Partner, we were uniquely positioned to leverage our knowledge and expertise to build an engaging website on this reliable platform. By integrating the structure of the Shopify platform with our ambient designs, we created a unique digital experience that immerses the user in the authenticity of the brand and optimizes the site for conversions.

Our team of designers were inspired by the patterns and silhouettes showcased within each collection. From paisley prints to vintage color palettes, the design of the website echoes the visual elements that Band of Gypsies is known for and connects the user to this modern and romantic world of bohemian style.

The design also utilizes ambient, off-set placement of lifestyle and product photography throughout the site. By layering this approach with our visual design elements, we created a feeling of authenticity, individuality and nostalgia. As we continued creating an experience that celebrates the culture and joie de vivre of the brand, our team added handwritten quotes and excerpts throughout the site’s design.

Effective Brand

At Zehner, we understand how important it is for a brand to showcase and elevate their narrative to drive revenue in the eCommerce space. In our work with Band of Gypsies, we developed an immersive connection with the user through copywriting, design and engineering. By creating an experience that transcends the ordinary and conjures the effortless and carefree spirit of the brand, their new eCommerce business is ideally positioned for success.