Three Tips for Building a Minimum Viable Product that’s not at all Minimal

October 11, 2012

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Today our CEO, Matthew Zehner, offers some sage advice to readers at ReadWriteWeb: when creating an MVP, don’t take the word “minimum” too literally.

He suggests thinking of your MVP not as a minimum product, but as a focused product that you can create and release quickly.

So how do you create a MVP that’s focused but not minimal? Here’s Matt’s advice in 3 easy-to-digest tips:

  1. Include the functions that satisfy your primary user needs and business goals and make sure you are able to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
  2. Stay focused on your essential feature set. Don’t waste time adding features for every potential user need and scenario.
  3. Build your MVP to be scalable, so that it can handle large traffic numbers and complex functionality in a capable manner.
    Read the full article at ReadWriteWeb.

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