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Technology is at the core of our success. Our technologists are obsessed with staying on the pulse of the rapidly evolving landscape of the technosphere. Open Source runs in our blood. We have been champions of the OSS movement since it's inception. We believe that technology moves things forward, and nothing moves technology forward faster than Open Source. Technology is much more than software. It is a holistic ecosystem that starts with architecture, grows with code, and is delivered to the masses through infrastructure.


Our "DevOps First" mentality makes heavy use of the latest tools which are a part of the DevOps movement that has swept through the IT space. This includes Configuration Management systems like Chef and Ansible and emerging technologies like Docker. We build all of our infrastructure with code, eliminating hidden proprietary knowledge, making infrastructure repeatable so that scaling a system is automated, not a chore. What does all this mean to the bottom line? Your technology can handle whatever fire hose of users you can point at it.

Cloud Engineering

As early adopters of Cloud computing, we are always on the forefront of what is now becoming the de-facto way to build technology infrastructure. We have experience working with numerous cloud providers, including Amazon Web Service, Rackspace Cloud, Digital Ocean, and others. Amazon Web Services is our cloud of choice and Zehner is proud to be a member of their Partner Network. Having logged thousands of hours using the AWS platform, and having several Certified AWS developers on staff, we have been able to use AWS to help its clients save thousands of dollars on their technology infrastructure.

Content Management Systems

We specialize in the build-out of content management systems utilizing the top open source CMS frameworks like WordPress, Django, and Laravel. We can consult with you and help you find the best fit for your project. Beyond the build out, we can assist with the migration from another CMS platform, integrate with other third-party systems, and optimize your platform to scale for increased amounts of visitors.

Mobile Development

These days it seems that everyone has a device in their pocket. We can help you go where your customer goes. We build apps for both iOS and Android devices using native technologies like Objective C, Swift, and Java, as well as hybrid HTML and JavaScript technologies like Ionic and PhoneGap.

Web Application Development

As experts in a wide variety of front-end and back-end web technologies (including: Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Go) we have built web applications for our clients of all shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity. Taking care to ensure applications are peformant, scalable, and secure our expert engineering force can help you take any idea and make it a reality.


Selling things online these days is easy. What is not easy is making sure your critical online commerce system is implemented to enterprise standards for conversion, brand, and security. Using platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce, we have helped companies establish rock solid online commerce engines and take their existing engines to the next level.

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