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We live for creating. The process of strategizing, solving problems, utilizing technique and building from scratch fuels us to get out of bed in the morning. To us, creativity and technology go hand in hand. We are sailing in uncharted waters. What we make now has never been made before, ever. This is truly an exciting time for innovation. Our team of ridiculously talented creatives are ready to ride the crest of the possible, and design awesome stuff that’s new and exciting.

Conceptual Design

It all starts with the idea. But ideas can’t be seen or felt. They’re a seed in the mind that needs to be cultivated into reality. That’s where we come in. We love the challenge of taking a thought and turning it into something tangible. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the first step is creating the concept. It only gets better from there.


Do you even brand bro? We do. Give us an idea and we’ll turn it into something that you can see, feel and be proud of. A brand has to represent the tone, values, beliefs and style of the people behind it. We work very closely with our clients and use our skills to build the appealing brand they’ve always wanted.

Visual Design

For those of us with eyes, aesthetics are pretty damn important. At Zehner, we take visual design very seriously. We’re talking colors, images, typography, icons and buttons. It all adds up and it all matters to the sum of its parts. They say the devil is in the details.

Responsive Web Design

We love using beautiful websites. We love designing beautiful websites. But on the internet, beauty is not just skin deep. People judge companies by how cool their website is and how well it works. We get it. Fortunately, our design team has the chops to build websites which fulfill business goals, and look stylish doing it.

Information Architecture

We are architects. Not of buildings and houses, but of digital experiences. We have no problem getting our hands dirty with the sometimes-difficult battle of putting everything in it's right place. Our weapons are the card sort, the sitemap and the wireframe. To us, establishing good Information Architecture is imperative to crafting the best possible user experience.

Experience Design

These days in technology, it’s a user's market. Creating a great user experience is paramount to the success of a digital product. If users are unhappy, they’ll go somewhere else. We take this consideration to heart early in our creative process. They’re nothing better than having a great experience, and we believe users should be as happy and fulfilled as possible.

Interaction Design

One day, computers will read our minds. Until that happens, we have to make it seem like they do. We believe interaction design defines the physical relationship between man and machine. The stronger the connection, the more rewarding it is for users. We want people to love interacting with a product, so we always design with that in mind.

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