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About Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, fully-hosted, highly-optimized eCommerce solution that fits your business like a glove and grows with you. It’s perfect for mid-to-high-volume retailers and is simple to use, reliable and fast, provides total hands-off optimization and scalability, and comes with a dedicated team of account, project, and support professionals. Shopify Plus allows merchants to extend their commerce ecosystem through application and platform integrations like Apple Pay, Facebook, Postmates, and many more. Simply put, Shopify Plus offers a full suite of eCommerce solutions, allowing you to focus on what is important — running your business.

Shopify Plus Highlights


Unlike other platforms that leave you responsible for your own infrastructure, Shopify Plus offers cloud-based hosting on their Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant backend - meaning your digital data is protected with the same level of security as your bank. One less thing for you to worry about.


The world of eCommerce is unpredictable, and you never know what may trigger a sudden surge in popularity. Shopify Plus is a dynamically scalable platform. As your business grows, you can be certain that Shopify Plus will scale up to be able to handle the traffic.

Seamless Updates

Because Shopify Plus is a hosted solution for a wide variety of clients, Shopify Plus maintains and upgrades the architecture constantly. If software needs to be updated, it happens seamlessly in the background - ensuring your shop and the architecture behind it are always up-to-date.


Shopify Plus boasts an administration interface that is simple and straightforward - allowing your team to work quickly and efficiently. This enables everyone on your team to have a hand in pushing promotions, re-activating customers, kicking off merchandising specials, and much more.


Maintaining an eCommerce business requires integrations with a myriad of different services. Shopify Plus understands this, and offers built-in integrations with leading ERP, CRM, Accounting, and Shipping providers. Finding an integration is as easy as implementing an app from their app ecosystem.


Shopify Plus' unique Traffic Control App is specially designed to redirect traffic on an old site to the new platform without compromising valuable SEO rankings. Zehner keeps a close watch on SEO best practices and will make suggestions based on current trends.

Why Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a full-service solution that boasts key features over the base Shopify offering. Here are a just a few highlights of the Shopify Plus platform:

  • Expertise and Support

    Each Shopify Plus merchant has one dedicated member of the Shopify Plus team to help them be successful (aptly named a Merchant Success Manager). This creates a long-term relationship where the Merchant Success Manager becomes embedded as a member of their merchant’s team — helping them navigate the complex world of commerce.

  • Unique App Ecosystem

    A full suite of applications that work seamlessly with the Shopify Plus core system offering to enhance your business capabilities.

  • Mobile Integration

    The Shopify Plus SDK allows for easy integration into native mobile applications to bring the shopping experience to customers wherever they are.

  • Plus-dedicated APIs

    Shopify Plus clients are given up to 5x greater throughput of APIs, and exclusive access to certain API calls.

  • Alavara Tax integration

    Avoid unnecessary tax stress. Alavara AvaTax is pre-integrated and available with Shopify Plus at no additional cost.

  • Access to Shopify Plus Scripts

    Be more flexible with your promotions with Shopify Plus scripts. Target customer segments and apply complex logic to your promotions and discounts at checkout.

+ Shopify Plus

At Zehner, we go to great lengths to provide our clients with the best solution for their needs, and — for this reason — we try to align ourselves with companies at the top of their industry. Zehner is proud to partner with Shopify Plus. The robust and accessible Shopify Plus platform easily facilitates commerce across a variety of channels, and Shopify Plus' mix of accessibility and flexibility saves both time and money — making it the ideal platform for many of our clients.

Recent Success With Shopify Plus

JuiceServed Here

Never conventional

Juice Served Here makes things that make you feel better. They're always ready with what what you want and what you don’t know you need.

Like designing, cleansing is all about identifying what you want to achieve.

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Juice Served Here came to Zehner looking to increase online sales and find a solution that would be scalable and easy to use. We engaged our partners at Shopify Plus who worked with us to find all the right digital solutions to get the Juice Served Here site where it needs to be. We crafted the blueprint necessary to scale Juice Served Here allowing for new offerings like sandwiches and salads to their business and customers. By rethinking the Build-A-Box offering, subscription model, and user jouneys from consideration to conversion we were able to increase sales in the first month after relaunch by 300%.

The first of its kind on Shopify Plus, Juice Served Here’s Build-A-Box feature offers online shoppers a unique, engaging, and rewarding ecommerce experience.

Zehner handled our replatform / redesign like absolute professionals. We transitioned from a poorly supported legacy platform to Shopify Plus, which couldn't have been a better choice. ZG put the full weight of IA/UX design and engineering into our project -- from concept to final delivery, nothing but great collaboration and outcomes. Happy to report that Juice Served Here's site conversion improved significantly as result of the new shopper experience, allowing a 4x increase in sales month 1 after launch. Thanks ZG!

Ben Knox, Director of Ecommerce

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