Zehner Brings Innovation to Outerknown’s Ecommerce Experience

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A sustainable site, for a sustainable fashion label.

Clothing line, which aims to produce 'better, more sustainable' outdoor products.

After designing and launching the brand in 2015, the Outerknown team returned to Zehner to redesign and and rebuild their ecommerce solution. This time, we were able to use our extensive Shopify experience to innovate and extend the capabilities of the platform.

Stefan Bowman Senior UI Engineer at Zehner

By architecting a modern design system, we were able to rethink the traditional Shopify CMS. We adapted the native liquid code that Shopify is built on, to provide flexibility in the way pages are designed and how the overall site is merchandized

This allows the Outerknown team to customize their webpages and reorganize content modules to best communicate the brand’s story. This eliminates the ongoing pain points and constraints of a overly templatized design.

Ultimately, this project sets a new precedent for how Zehner builds digital experiences. We were able to leverage our design and technology expertise to reimagine Shopify Plus capabilities. In turn, we built an ecommerce website that will sustainably showcase what Outerknown stands for.

Mick McCarthy VP of Design at Zehner

We knew that the Outerknown team needed their website to elevate their brand story and effectively communicate their commitment to sustainability. However, we understood this story is best told through content cross-pollination. So we created the functionality to embed product within content pages and embed product in content pages - allowing users to learn about the brand and shop simultaneously


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