Outerknown is Live

July 27, 2015

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Legendary surfer Kelly Slater has headed into uncharted waters with his latest creative endeavor, Outerknown. His ambitious new clothing line, which blends surfing and high-fashion under and umbrella of sustainability, has officially launched this week with the help of Zehner's creative team.

After ending a 20-year partnership with Quiksilver, Slater partnered with John Moore (Founder of POP Studios) and French luxury clothing powerhouse Kering to head in a more environmentally friendly direction with men's and women's outerwear. Slater's team approached Zehner in April 2014 to become a strategic partner in designing the brand's online presence. Through a series of extensive workshops, Zehner's User Experience and Design teams began defining the brand's online needs and aligning them with it's potential customer and user base. Under the direction of Creative Director Mick McCarthy, detailed Information Architecture documentation of site flows and user tasks were created with the purpose of expressing layout and functionality.

From there, the team produced a working prototype and high-fidelity designs with functional specifications to support the development team.

The harmonious relationship between Zehner and OuterKnown owes a lot to similar core values and an understanding of both surfing and sustainability, McCarthy stated. 'We consider ourselves forward-thinking and eco-conscious like OuterKnown, and we both push the envelope of innovation. We're both trying to be innovators and do something great in our perspective fields.' Both companies are based near the Hayden tract of Culver City which CEO Matthew Zehner notes helped reduce the carbon footprint that can come with bi-weekly meetings.

Zehner Said

We're in the same neighborhood, so just being neighbors allowed us to walk to each other's offices which made for a more intimate collaboration between both teams


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