January 25, 2019

Yotpo names Zehner as Best Design Agency 2018

Zehner is proud to announce that Yotpo has named us Best Design Agency as part of their 2018 Partner Awards.If you asked us Zehner’s favorite phrase of 2018, it would unanimously be “user-generated content” — so needless to say this award from Yotpo feels extra special.

Since beginning our partnership with Yotpo in Q3 of 2017, we have launched a variety of eCommerce projects—including BH Cosmetics and Stio—that utilize Yotpo to engage their brand’s community. We officially announced our partnership with Yotpo through the Strategic Partner Program in July 2018.

Since beginning our relationship with Yotpo, we’ve been able to expand our eCommerce offering and deliver added value to our clients. User-generated content in the form of social posts and product reviews gives brands the ability to make strategic decisions that keep the consumer at the forefront.

“Leveraging Yotpo allows us to craft an engaging eCommerce experience that ultimately builds a community around the brand,” says Lucinda O’Brien, Brand Strategist at Zehner. “When brands engage consumers across channels, they are able to create a cohesive experience. In allowing their customers to be heard, brands are building trust through feedback and supporting a strong community of brand advocates.”

The benefits of Zehner implementing Yotpo are two-fold: our design team is able to continually push the boundaries of both functional design and the app’s performance.

“Our design team has thoroughly explored the capabilities of Yotpo and the advantages that come with integrating the app into our eCommerce projects,” says Mick McCarthy, Chief Design Officer at Zehner.

From build to execution, the design team takes a hands on approach in successfully integrating Yotpo into our eCommerce projects. First, we implement Yotpo’s core functionality during the wireframe process in UX as we adopt a user-first approach. Immediately following wireframes, the design team ensures the implementation of the app is cohesive with the brand and elevated across designs.

What a year it’s been working with Yotpo — we’ve pushed the boundaries of what it means to strengthen brand equity through UGC in eCommerce. They say ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and our partnership with Yotpo proves they’re right. If you want to know more about Yotpo’s 2018 Partner Award Winners, check them out here.

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