August 16, 2018

Zehner Builds New Soylent Website With A Mobile-first Approach

We believe that technology moves things forward. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new eCommerce experience for Soylent – a pioneering brand on the cutting edge of food technology and nutrition.

Following Soylent’s launch in 2014, the brand quickly became the meal replacement of choice, amongst its loyal following of Silicon Valley programmers. As the brand matured and their customer base diversified, Soylent approached Zehner with the sole purpose of replatforming, in an effort to streamline internal processes and reallocate resources. Through Zehner’s detailed discovery phase, our team also proposed design enhancements, which ultimately lead to a full redesign of Soylent’s eCommerce website.

While many successful CPG brands are currently augmenting their retail presence with a D2C channel, Soylent is unique since their growth has actually occurred in the reverse. With a business that grew entirely online, moving into omnichannel retail would require additional focus on product development and their go-to-market strategy.

To provide their internal team the additional bandwidth necessary, we landed on the sustainable and highly supported SaaS platform, Shopify Plus. Scalable and secure, Shopify Plus enabled Zehner to build a fully customized responsive site that complements Soylent’s growth into grocery and convenience chains.

With Soylent’s robust brand identity, we recognized that optimizing for mobile and designing for trust would prove essential. “We had to think about the user in front of a glass case at 7-Eleven who may be new to Soylent and needs to get to nutritional information fast and in real-time”, says Mick McCarthy, VP of Design at Zehner. Our dedication to information architecture strategy and experience design improves the user journey in terms of wayfinding, brand consideration, and communicating the key information necessary to increase conversions.

Zehner’s recently expanded service offering, enabled successful collaborations with two of our leading technology partners. We worked closely with ReCharge to leverage and customize their subscription app. Destini developed a store locator with powerful analytics related to in-store product availability.

As the Soylent brand continues to reach new audiences, Zehner’s unique ability to build a modular design system and a customizable CMS, is a key differentiator in the eCommerce space. Our commitment to building a better brand experience, not only enhances the user journey, but also alleviates operational pains and empowers internal teams with increased agility. Soylent’s team can now shift to meet market demands in real-time, and quickly implement innovative ideas within layouts, content, and consumer landing pages, without the burden of long development cycles.


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