March 27, 2019

Masha Agapov is Zehner’s New Creative Director

Masha Agapov, formerly Zehner’s Art Director, has been promoted to Creative Director. In order for you to fully grasp how exciting this is for us, we need to tell you a little bit about Masha.

Masha joined Zehner in 2015 to spearhead the design effort for Outerknown. Her work on the project lit a fire in us that we couldn’t bear have extinguished, so when the site launched we asked her to stick around and work her magic with all our clients. Masha’s eye for visual design, branding, and typography has transformed the way our agency approaches design. Her work has elevated Zehner’s brand aesthetic, which is why it’s so exciting that Masha is now the person setting the creative direction for the agency.

Under Masha’s leadership as Creative Director, she will continue building on Zehner’s vision for design. She’ll assist in leading the expansion of design at Zehner by facilitating growth and mentorship within the team. Ultimately, Masha will aim to bridge the gap between strategy, design, and development in order to enhance cross-team collaboration— elevating the work we produce agency-wide.

“Since Masha joined our team, she’s used her design prowess to boast a clear vision for clients such as San Antonio Museum of Art, Ghost Flower, and Rachel Zoe Box of Style. Her pristine eye for design has played an instrumental role in elevating our brand-wide aesthetic, as well as for the brands we work with. Her promotion to Creative Director will continue distinguishing Zehner as a leader in thoughtful, functional design” says Mick McCarthy, Zehner’s Chief of Design.

On top of being supremely good at her job (hence, the promotion), Masha is really fantastic at….life. She’s fluent in 4 languages: English, Russian, Swedish, and Japanese. She’s also a certified sommelier; she knows about wine and she can prove it. She plays tennis, sails along the coast of California in her free time, and has an adorable dog who doesn’t even shed when she brings him to the office. One day we’ll take Masha out for coffee and record her life story for a podcast, but until then you have to trust us when we say that she is a complete force to be reckoned with.

Congratulations, Masha!

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