Inside Weddings Comes to Life

May 4, 2015

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In April 2015, Zehner launched, a one-stop destination for wedding information and inspiration. The website, which takes the form of an online magazine, provides a wealth of resources for those planning out their special day. Inside Weddings is an ecosystem where people planning a wedding can view articles and get in contact with a large number of curated vendors. The site allows users to collaborate with others to plan their weddings online through a system reminiscent of Pinterest boards. It also features sections where users can get inspiration from others’ weddings and view lookbooks from featured vendors.

Users wishing to blog about weddings or wedding-related topics can submit content to the site and, once approved, their articles will be available for others to read. Zehner had been working with Inside Weddings since late 2012 to create a unique user experience for those seeking meaningful guidance and resources for planning a wedding. Zehner was involved in multiple design and development iterations with the ultimate goal of creating a useful and efficient hub for wedding information. Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, Inside Weddings provides users with an engaging and unique nuptial planning experience.


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