Building a Brand from Identity to eCommerce

October 11, 2018

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Ghost Flower’s founder Susie Peebler, went in pursuit of functional activewear to support her path to wellness. When the search left her empty handed, she set out to create a line to help women take charge of their own health and vitality. Utilizing premium fabrics and construction, Ghost Flower was born. Based in California, Ghost Flower offers high-performance activewear inspired by the five elements. Zehner joined Ghost Flower as their digital partner to build the brand and launch their eCommerce experience on Shopify Plus.

The project began with a two-day intensive workshop and round of research to immerse our team in the founder’s vision for the brand. Fueled with valuable takeaways from this collaborative approach, we were well-prepared to develop a comprehensive brand strategy, unified visual direction and modern identity for Ghost Flower’s launch.

Establishing an identity that signified the five elements and further expressed the inspiration behind the apparel was vital. Accordingly, our team designed a logo consisting of six triangles, which evoke strength and balance. “The five triangles grouped together represent the elements; fire, water, wood, metal, and earth,” says Lucinda O’Brien, Brand Strategist at Zehner. “The sixth triangle eludes to the individual — you. Positioned within a circular arrangement to establish interconnectivity and wholeness.”

The logo is also a functional attribute of the clothing. Ghost Flower’s innovative collection utilizes the logo to carefully outline channels and acupressure points throughout the body to improve the customer’s wellness practice.

Delivering the best possible user experience necessary to increase conversions, the website actively engages and educates the customer by highlighting these details through 360° modeling and cohesive product photography. In fact, the website designs were inspired by Ghost Flower’s signature lines and points, which led our team to create the modern and clean visual style. This aesthetic was then heightened through the use of structured architectural photography as well as ambient photography related to the five elements.

Ghost Flower selected Shopify Plus as their eCommerce solution due to the strength and flexibility of the platform. Shopify Plus supported our team of designers and engineers in the build of a modular system that is easy for the client to merchandize.

We were able to deliver a cohesive and intuitive eCommerce experience completely in-house and across departments. The collaboration of our brand strategists, designers and engineers, enabled Zehner to support Ghost Flower as their singular digital partner, from concept to execution.

In Fall 2018, the Ghost Flower website received a Gold W³ Award celebrating digital excellence in the General Website-Fashion for Websites category. The W³ is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. It honors content created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide.



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