Science Behind
The Art Of
Experiential Marketing

September 29, 2016

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Data in, data out. Seems cold and impersonal. But when you start making data meaningful and infuse it with relevant brand messaging, it starts to inform our brand experiences.

The generations entering the commerce stream crave a personal and consistent brand experience that matches their values. These customers are empowered by the ready availability of information and prefer a “show me” approach in advertising rather than a “tell me” attitude, so retailers need to draw audiences in and offer experiences that engage, delight, and inspire. This idea of fostering the real interactions that modern society secretly craves—community.

However, to cultivate brand loyalty, particularly as consumers are tuning out conventional advertising, marketers need to combine data with live customer engagement and reap the data from that combination to inform future business performance. From pop-up shops to cutting-edge augmented reality (AR), the newest approaches to experiential brand marketing harness hypothetical and demographic information. The combination of online and real-world consumer behavior starts to form a complete user experience for retailers.



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