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Creating Better Experiences and Driving Revenue Through PWAs

December 1, 2020

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Progressive Web Apps have grown increasingly popular in the eCommerce space. Progressive Web Apps, commonly referred to as PWAs, offer better user interactions, engagement, and site speed.

If you’re new to the world of Progressive Web Apps, Zehner can help. Our experience in the application design and development space gives us a unique advantage in building PWAs.

Here are the main points you need to know about PWAs and why they’re the right choice for your brand.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?
Headless eCommerce platforms are fully-customizable web applications known for their app-like experience and their ability to increase user satisfaction and conversion.

A PWA platform’s key benefits are that they enable component flexibility and improve the speed at which a web page is rendered and sent to a user.

In a mobile-first world, site speed is increasingly important. Research from Google found that 53% of users will bounce from a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Another study found that each 1-second delay in page load time resulted in a 7% decrease in conversions.

Progressive Web Apps take less than one second to load, making them an ideal solution for any modern brand.

Matthew Zehner Founder/CEO at Zehner

“Zehner got its start as a custom digital product development company and has always led the way in burgeoning technologies. Crafting fast and scalable user experiences that feel unique and special has always been central to our DNA.”

PWAs Vs. Native Apps: What You Need To Know
PWAs provide an app-like experience without the extra step of having to download them from the app store. Users can use Progressive Web Apps offline, receive push notifications, and download them as apps to their home screen. PWA sites are also linkable, which allows users to share a brand’s site easily.

Because of these features, PWAs drive revenue and satisfaction. While the total cost of ownership for a PWA site is 30% higher than a traditional non-headless site, their power to convert makes them well worth the investment. A recent report found that sites who switched to a PWA platform saw a 20% increase in revenue.

Because of their ease of use, Progressive Web Apps combine the best of eCommerce with the app-like experience modern shoppers know and love.

How Zehner Can Help You Design And Build A PWA Experience
As a digital agency that blends strategic design and technology, we believe Progressive Web Apps offer tailored solutions to a brand's needs and goals. Our past work in the digital application and product design space includes brands like Tennis.com, LA Metro, and Reading Cinemas.

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Barefoot Dreams

Bringing Malibu’s Warmth To A PWA Platform

Our experience designing and building on Nacelle's PWA platform is the subject of our case study for Barefoot Dreams. The new Barefoot Dreams eCommerce experience leverages the power of Zehner’s digital strategy and Nacelle’s PWA platform.  

Read the full case study here.

Josh Esguia Senior UI Architect at Zehner

“When you’re looking to convert your brand to a modern web experience, a series of choices matter beyond just the technology. What separates Zehner is our years of experience, our adaptability, and our talent for finding solutions.”


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