Creating a Dog-Friendly Commerce Experience for Tailored

September 9, 2020

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At Zehner, we believe eCommerce is for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to announce that with the launch of Tailored’s new site, it's for dogs now, too. 

Tailored was founded by a group of pet nutrition experts and pet parents. Together they craft health-first dog food personalized for your pup. The experts at Tailored have formulated kibble options that keep pet health and nutrition top of mind. Even better, each Tailored blend is affordable and delivered quickly for an experience every member of your household will love. 

When Tailored approached Zehner about building and launching their eCommerce experience on Shopify Plus, we were thrilled. As a company made up of dog lovers and dog owners, we were excited to create an intuitive experience we’d want to use.

Steve Joyce Tailored CEO

“Zehner enthusiastically dove into a more complicated than normal commerce subscription project and helped drive solutions for our business. Not only did they help us launch on time, the team has also provided ongoing support as we discover new features and functionality.”

The Zehner UX and technology teams worked collaboratively with Tailored and Red Antler, a New York-based branding agency, to design and build an experience that resonated with pet owners like us. This project’s cornerstone involved creating a guided quiz that helps users formulate a personalized dog food blend. 

Our tech team worked to deliver a dynamic customer experience that translated several different factors, including sensitivities, breed, and age, into a tailored recommendation. Another feature of Zehner’s collaboration with Tailored and Red Antler is a personalized pet profile that lives in each user’s account for a seamless subscription service.

Meagan Henry eCommerce Program Manager

“Helping Tailored build a personalized experience for their clients required strong collaboration amongst our team and our partners at Red Antler and Tailored. The positive customer response has only solidified why the site's personalized quiz and the dog food formula it populates are exciting. Tailored has become our trusted partner, and we look forward to continuing to work with them!”


Tailored’s new site offers an engaging direct to consumer experience, and we’re so excited to share it with dog lovers everywhere. To learn more about our work with Tailored, check out our case study here.


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