Agency vs. In-House

June 19, 2014

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This June, minds from the industry’s top agencies and companies sat on a Silicon Beach Fest panel to debate the pros and cons of a digital in-house offering versus out-sourcing to an agency. The audience listened to these thought leaders determine when to invest in one team structure over the other, and how in-house departments and agency players can live harmoniously together to produce benchmark creative and tech innovation. Some questions and topics tackled during the panel included: When should a business look to outsource a project or campaign to an expert agency? When is it unnecessary for a business to work with an agency and better to commission a project in-house? What are the main challenges that come with a client-agency relationship? i.e. approval process, level of trust, level of knowledge about the business, etc. Structurally, what are the resource and/or cost benefits that agencies gain?

What are the benefits of in-house teams and agencies working together that can’t be replicated without involvement from both an agency team and an in-house team? What are some of the challenges the industry is yet to overcome when agencies and in-house teams work together on projects? When does it benefit a company to leverage outside resources to research, develop, and deliver new products or services? Logistically, can an agency with a creative department- through team size and experience- bring more/better ideas to the table? How do career life-cycles differ in-house and within agencies? As one can imagine, everyone had an opinion and plenty of disagreements were had. But the knowledge, passion, and energy that flowed from the panelists to the audience was electric. It was definitely an event to remember – make sure not to miss next year’s!



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