Building better, more sustainable products

Whether it's board shorts made of reclaimed fishnets or websites made of pixels, On- or offline products need to last the test of time. We always need to be thinking ahead and how what we are doing now will effect the future.


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Website strategy and design for a progressive outdoor fashion brand.

Surf legend Kelly Slater has released his new clothing line called OuterKnown which aims to produce "better, more sustainable" outdoor products.

Design house POP Studio tasked us with designing the UX/UI and visual elements for the OuterKnown e-commerce platform, launched this July.

With a brand already set in place, we applied our user experience expertise and visual design skills to connect the two phases of branding and development in the overall website creation process.

 Our design team began by focusing on creating personas and user flows to gain insight into designing the best user experience for Outerknown customers. From there, a sitemap and fully interactive wireframe prototype were created with the purpose of expressing layout and functionality to both the Outerknown team and our designers.

Upon completion, the team produced high-fidelity mockups with functional specifications that the developers at Kering would use to build the site.

We Execute on time

Time as we all know is limited. It is also a direct factor in project budget. With that in mind, we optimize time in ideation, design and development. By implementing AGILE methodology, the team and client can make strategic budget, time and scope decisions quickly.