March 22, 2018

New Wicked Cool Toys’ website designed and built by Zehner

We’re as serious about design as Wicked Cool Toys are about fun.

Founded in 2012, Wicked Cool Toys is a market leader in innovative play with a comprehensive portfolio of toys for all ages. Including, partnerships with Pokémon, Cabbage Patch Kids®, and Teddy Ruxpin. As well as original products such as, Egg Babies, Xtreme Cycle, Cat Paw and My Girl’s Dollhouse.

Wicked Cool Toys chose Zehner as their digital partner for a complete rebrand in collaboration with Hype Studio, as well as to redesign and rebuild their website. The project allowed our team to reposition Wicked Cool Toys’ brand identity and showcase these new design assets on their web experience.

'Crafting a new brand identity for Wicked Cool Toys meant realigning all visual components of the brand. From logo to typography to color palettes to visual elements. This was the foundation of the project as these components would echo across the new web redesign,' says Mick McCarthy, VP of Design at Zehner.

By reevaluating the information architecture and user experience of the site, Zehner was able to deliver intuitive designs that addressed the corporate and product offering.

'By understanding the client’s pain points, we were able to use UX design to create a more intuitive experience. This included redesigning the product detail page layout to include supporting content including video and find a retailer functionality,' says Elaine Pham, Senior UX Designer at Zehner.

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