March 22, 2018

Zehner to reimagine the San Antonio Museum of Art

Zehner is proud to announce our newest client, the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA). We are excited to work closely with the SAMA team to reposition the brand and build a seamless digital experience.

The San Antonio Museum of Art has become an unmissable destination for tourists and locals alike since it was established in 1981. The Museum showcases the largest and most comprehensive collection of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, as well as Asian, art in the southern United States. It’s now our privilege to ensure this outstanding museum experience also has a modern brand and visual identity to match

What’s most exciting though, is that this will be a collaborative effort across our core departments including, brand, design and development. In turn, this will allow us to create an innovative brand strategy, brand identity, and ecommerce website.

'At Zehner, our multidisciplinary approach and our ability to nurture a project across departments is one of our biggest strengths. We will be able build a strong brand strategy that will not only inform the design and development of the website but also ensure the museum has a vision for future campaigns and programs,' says Brad Saranecki, VP of Strategy at Zehner.

After focusing on ecommerce solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands in 2017, working with SAMA means expanding our reach to the arts and culture.

'Working with the San Antonio Museum of Art means entering a new space for Zehner. Personally, I’m fascinated by the possibilities of how we can use design and technology to enhance the way we interact with art. Whether that’s through the use of augmented reality, and emerging technologies,' says Mick McCarthy, VP of Design at Zehner.

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